What to Expect

We are happy to welcome you to our office and help you with any acute or chronic health problems of concern to you.  And because we provide homeopathic health care, we can help you to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

You can choose to begin your care by having an Initial Consultation with Dr. Hall or by having a combined Initial Consultation and Homeopathic Case History. 

An Initial Consultation takes about thirty to sixty minutes to complete.  It gives you an opportunity to talk with Dr. Hall about your health concerns and questions.  He’ll have questions for you, too, and conduct a physical examination as part of his assessment.  Dr. Hall will provide you with his recommendations, including whether homeopathic treatment is the best next step for you.

A combined Initial Consultation and Homeopathic Case History usually takes between one-and-a-half and two hours to complete.  The appointment may take less time if the patient is an infant or child.  Along with the consultation described above, Dr. Hall will take a full health history that includes any previous care you may have received (e.g., “I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 1994; I had knee surgery in 2006…”).  He will also ask you about the development of your current health problem(s).  He’ll ask you to describe the exact nature of your experience in as much detail as possible.  This is because each person experiences illness in his or her own way and homeopathic treatment must be matched to the individual.  Before you leave, we will ask you to schedule another appointment which will last twenty to forty minutes.

Between your first and second appointments, Dr. Hall will study and analyze his notes from your visit.  He will perform a computerized homeopathic study referred to as reportorization and search for which homeopathic medicines match your symptoms most closely.

During your next appointment, Dr. Hall will ask you some additional questions and then prescribe a homeopathic medicine (also known as a homeopathic remedy) for you.  The remedy will be provided to you here in our office.

You will have a follow-up visit in three to six weeks, depending on the interval Dr. Hall thinks is appropriate.  During the follow-up appointment, you will report what you have noticed about your condition between visits.  It’s good if you can make notes about things you experience, so that you remember to share them with Dr. Hall during your visit.  This will help him to assess your response to treatment and make treatment adjustments, if necessary.

Improvement in your symptoms can be dramatic or take place more gradually.  For a helpful guide regarding the kinds of experiences to note and report, you can click here and read Reporting Symptoms.

We have some forms for you to complete for your first visit with us and we encourage you to fill them out before arriving for your appointment.  You can print the forms to be completed from our website.  Just click here.

If you have any questions before coming in to see us, feel free to call us at 302-234-0222.  We are here to help you!