Life-Changing Improvement After a Serious Auto Accident

We often see major changes in people’s lives and health as the result of homeopathic intervention.  We like to share these stories with others for a number of reasons.  First, it shows how powerfully homeopathic treatment can work, while being safe and gentle at the same time.  Sometimes the stories help us to teach others new things about homeopathy.  They also provide encouragement to those who are just starting treatment and haven’t yet seen the favorable results they hope to achieve.  But most of all, it gives us a good excuse to brag!  Just kidding, but we do love to celebrate people’s successes and good health with them.  It’s a big part of our reason for doing what we do here at our practice.

In this case, a middle-aged man came to us several months after a serious auto accident.  He had already had a full neurological evaluation including imaging and other diagnostics.  A closed head injury had been confirmed by the neurologist.  The treatment was conservative, basically resting and waiting.

This patient lived a good distance from our office.  His wife, who was already a homeopathic patient with us, had spoken with me by phone.  I had recommended Hypericum to help her husband with decreased grip strength in his left hand.  That problem had resolved quickly after he took the Hypericum but he was still troubled with other symptoms.  I advised that he come into our office for a full evaluation and further homeopathic treatment.

He came in shortly thereafter.  His case history revealed that most of the problems from his accident had pretty much resolved.  However, he described a lifelong difficulty with short-term memory.  He said it was horrible and that he had always had to keep lists to remember things.  “If I don’t write it down, I lose a thought,” he explained.  He frequently forgot things that his wife asked him to do.

I provided him with a remedy and afterward, he reported that he felt very tired on the day that he took it.  The month went by uneventfully.  By the time of his first follow-up appointment at the end of that month, he said that his memory was somewhat improved and that he was able to keep up better.  He didn’t feel as overloaded, mentally.  He was still writing notes to himself to aid his memory, but said, “I’m remembering to remember.”

However, he continued to be absent-minded over the next few months.  His wife told him that he never really listened; he thought it was because he was distracted by his own thoughts.  I decided that he needed a different remedy and gave him a dose in the office.  A deeply curative response followed.  Six weeks later, he reported that he was much more focused mentally and that his mental organization was better.  He felt great.

This lasted several months and then he suddenly started “forgetting everything again.”  We repeated the remedy at that time and he felt better by the next day.  At a follow-up visit a few months later, he said that his short and long-term memory were better than before the accident.  His creative thoughts were more focused.  He rarely got headaches anymore.  (He used to get at least one headache per week.)

Though he had been asked to follow up in four months, he was back one month later.  He said that he almost felt too good and was shocked and wondering what it meant.  He went on to tell me that he’d previously hated having lotion or cream on his hands or body, preferring to have his skin totally dry.  Now this was gone and he said, “My tactile ability has gone from nothing to everything!”  His mind had changed from going 100-miles-per-hour to feeling serene.  He realized that what he’d previously called an orchestra in his head had actually been cacophony; now his thoughts felt well-orchestrated.  He said he could now do things sequentially without having to rush through the steps.  “I can do more than I’ve ever done!” he shared.  He felt as if there were synapses in his brain that hadn’t previously connected that were connecting now.  It was such a change that it felt a little scary.  He couldn’t understand why it was happening now, approximately four months after his last remedy.  We discussed how deep healing from homeopathy can happen over a long time, especially when the healing is on the mental and emotional levels.  He was reassured and has continued to do well.

I learned from this case and I chose to share it here, with this patient’s permission, because I think it demonstrates the ability of homeopathy to help people in powerful ways.