About Antidotes

We really don’t know why things like coffee and mint can antidote or counteract the effect of homeopathic remedies. I have seen people continue to drink coffee and yet they got the improvement they needed from a remedy. We just can’t know in advance whether you will be able to get well if you continue to use these things. We might choose the remedy that you need, give it to you to see how well it works for you, follow up a month later and find you are not better. Then we have to ask, “Was it the wrong remedy, or did it just not get a chance to show its effectiveness for you because you kept drinking coffee?”

A number of years ago I treated a doctor’s wife who was suffering from severe migraine headaches at least once a month. We did a full homeopathic workup and prescribed Natrum muriaticum, a remedy made from salt. At her visit a month later she was doing well, with no headache that month. The story was the same the following month. I asked her to return if she had further difficulties. She did so well that I didn’t see her for about two years. She returned because she’d had a migraine headache again. It turned out that she had stayed off coffee until several weeks before that, and then started drinking it again. A repeat of the remedy and going off coffee again got her back on track quickly.

I’ve seen other cases where it went the other way. People we’ve cured have later tried coffee in small amounts and found that it did not seem to bring back any of their problems which had improved from homeopathic treatment. So what I tell people generally is, please give us the best chance to get you well by avoiding coffee, mint, camphor, menthol, cortisone, etc. to the best of your ability. After we’ve gotten you feeling good, THEN if you want to you can try these things in small amounts and see what happens.

To me this is the approach that makes the most sense. But there are always questions, so please feel free to ask more about this.

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