Example of How Homeopathy Helps ADD, ADHD, etc.

In 1992 a boy I’ll call Ethan came for treatment. He was 14 years old, in 9th grade. His main complaint was allergies, with itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, nasal obstruction, headaches in his forehead, and sneezing fits. His teachers made him bring his own tissues because he went through so many boxes at school. He’d been getting weekly allergy shots for one and a half years.

His prenatal history was significant in that his mother was very sick with nausea during her pregnancy and took a drug for this during the second half of her pregnancy. Ethan was a twin, but the other baby died in his mother’s womb at 4 months gestation.

During childhood Ethan had many ear infections, with placement of tubes at 18 months and again at 3 years of age. He had taken antihistamines for a number of years.

His parents had no idea that homeopathy could help with the hyperactivity and problems concentrating that he was experiencing, but a complete history focused in on these things as well. He was taking Ritalin twice a day, and they reported that he was moody and argumentative, with poor concentration worsening in the afternoon as the Ritalin wore off.

There were lots of other symptoms, including: restless hands and legs; acne on his nose and cheeks, more on the left; sleeping with eyes cracked open; warm most of the time.

In spite of what was previously diagnosed as ADD (attention deficit disorder) Ethan was smart and inquisitive. His mother said that when he was 2 years old he figured out how old he and everybody in his family would be when he finished high school.

He was given a remedy, in this case one that he took three times a day. It was called Sulfur, made from the mineral Sulfur. Three weeks later the report was that his allergies were better, but he was more hyper; he was so bored that he wanted to be taken for a ride. He was better over the weekend without Ritalin, so we tried having him stay off it and found that he felt better. At follow up one month later his grades were slightly better than they had been. His mother said he was much easier to get along with. His allergies were also much better.
Several months later it was reported that he was no longer “hyper” from chocolate, lemonade or canned corn as he had been. His grades were “fine”; he’d now been off Ritalin about 3 months. He was desiring sweets and spices. I gave him a high potency dose of the remedy and stopped the daily dosing. A little later we repeated it because of a recurrence of the allergy symptoms.

When he had a sore throat we used several remedies over a period of time. One of them had also helped greatly with his allergies, so we used that remedy constitutionally for a while.

There were some other twists and turns along the way, including having mint antidote the beneficial effect of treatment and needing to repeat his remedy for that reason.

A remedy that is a “cousin” to the Sulphur was given at one point when he had a skin rash. It helped with the rash and in general.

As a senior in high school he was getting bored and didn’t want to pay attention. He was having problems with judgment, reasoning, losing control, poor impulse control, and using bad language. I had noticed that his behavior toward his mother seemed inappropriate at times, and this gave a clue to a remedy. We gave it and he became almost instantly a lot calmer, with much better self-control, though he had some of the allergic symptoms come back for a while. We managed those symptoms with other natural therapies instead of a homeopathic remedy, so as not to interfere with the mental and emotional improvement.

We repeated the remedy a few months later because Chamomile tea had caused a relapse of allergies and behavior problems.

I didn’t see him for the first year of college. He came back after that, reporting that he had finished the year at the University of Delaware, making the Dean’s list. His major was in computer science (he’d wanted music, but his parents had “encouraged” computer science). He was now transferring to a better school for his computer science major. His eczema, allergies, and acne had been good. He had had some coffee at college. His mother had made the appointment for him because some hyperactivity had come back from the coffee. He didn’t have much trouble concentrating, but he felt a little restless watching a movie, getting up for no reason. He felt he constantly needed to be doing something. He was somewhat argumentative with his parents. We repeated the remedy. That was many years ago, and I believe he is still doing well.

This has been a rather long write-up, but I think it shows a lot. Among other things, it is an example of remedies helping somewhat but not being deeply curative, followed by a remedy that was a closer match and acted in a stronger way. Patience and persistence over time helped to make the difference.


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