Intercurrent Illnesses

So, what is an intercurrent illness? When a person is being treated (“constitutionally”) with homeopathy to improve their long-term health, or be cured of a chronic condition, an illness that comes up “out of the blue,” like a flu or a cold, or some other illness, is referred to as an intercurrent illness. The important thing to remember about intercurrent illnesses is that sometimes they can provide a shortcut or clue that is helpful for constitutional treatment.

Often we see a patient back for homeopathic follow up and find out, to our dismay, that since we last saw them they’ve been sick, but didn’t call us. If it’s just been minor it’s not a problem. But if they had a lot of symptoms, those symptoms may have held very helpful clues. And instead of taking advantage of the opportunity and using those clues, they’ve taken an antibiotic or other medication and suppressed the clues.

The bottom line is, if you’re sick between visits to us, call here before taking any prescription medicine or having a medical visit somewhere else. It will help us get you better faster.


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